My name is Em. I’m 23. I grew up in Texas and Ohio, but in 2015 my parents moved to India. For the past year, I’ve been living in England, finishing up a master’s program in history, and traveling around Europe and Asia. I’m getting ready to move back to Texas though and am looking forward to exploring my new home!



I’m a fair-weather runner. Running and I have had an on again off again relationship since I was in high school and vowing never to run a race after my last cross country meet. That lasted until 2013 when I ran my first half-marathon, but I haven’t really been a ~serious~ runner since. Now I’m training for a half marathon in October!

FullSizeRender 28

Other than running, I enjoy reading, eating (it’s a hobby), and writing. I’ve been a NaNoWriMo participant since 2008, and I’m using this summer to work on my novel.

I’ve got a fancy camera and I don’t know how to use it, but food pictures transcend all obstacles.

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