I’m the Worst: Running Edition


the worst

Week 3 of my training can pretty much be summed up with: terrible

Week 4: less terrible

I think I made 2 or 3 days each week, but I have no detailed recap to offer. I didn’t really want to track the level of my failure.


I have excuses. Some of them are valid. I was legitimately sick on and off the past two weeks. But there were also days that I didn’t do things because I’m lazy bum.


There were some good things! I did make my second distance run last week. 5 miles!

victory dance

I’ve also been drinking more water.


And I’m not giving up on training all together just because of a few off weeks!

don't give up gif

But I really need to get it together again for week 5. I know I’m going to be traveling all day Wednesday, so I’m going to be more strategic with my rest days. My hotel while I’m out of town has a gym, but I don’t really want to be doing 4- and 5-mile runs on a treadmill, so I’ll try to get those out of the way today and tomorrow.

strategy gif

I’ve got a couple more weeks to solidify my 4 and 5 mile base before I start increasing my distance run again, so I think I’m still going to be ok for training. I’m mixing some walking in for my longer runs too, just so I don’t over do it. I’m noticing my endurance has improved a lot though, even with the last couple weeks not going so well. When I run 3 miles it’s getting easier and I only need one break, if any.

Week 5 schedule: 2x 3 miles, 2x 4 miles, 1x 5 miles

I already did a 3-mile run yesterday and 5 miles today, so the week is at least off to a good start!

yay gif



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