Hit the Mat

I remember the first time I tried yoga. High school summer gym. The instructors gave us the option of running a few laps around the track or doing a yoga video. Most of my classmates filed outside to run. I laughed at those suckers and scurried upstairs for what I thought would be an hour of relaxation.


Haha nope. At the end of the session my core was dying and I was cursing whoever came up with downward dog.

So yoga has never really been my workout of choice, even though I feel like it’s something I should be into. It is supposed to help you relieve tension, and it does pair well with running…

For my half-marathon training, I finally decided it was time to suck it up and work yoga into my routine. With my finicky knees and hips I figured it was a good idea.

Yesterday I had planned on going for a run, but the clouds were rolling in. I found out the rain here usually does hit in the afternoon, so I’m going to have to become a morning workout person.

evil morning

Since I wasn’t really in the mood for another run in the rain and my legs were pretty tight anyways, I decided yesterday was as good a day as any to start up yoga.

unenthusiastic gif


I’m easing myself into it, with gentler, beginner routines. I’m mostly planning on following routines from Yoga with Adriene. She has a playlist of routines for runners. I chose her Yoga For Tired Legs routine, for obvious reasons.

It started slow, but the movements in the latter half of the video really helped me stretch. But honestly I wasn’t really expecting much of an immediate change.

And then I stood up.

wonderful gif

My legs felt SO MUCH BETTER. It was insane. I had been kind of doing that half hobble across the room walk because every time I sat down my muscles stiffened, but after yoga I was hardly sore. So yoga is great. I’m a fan.

clapping gif




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