Broadway – The Gourmet Theater

I spent all Monday morning and afternoon lounging on the sofa with my laptop, catching up on YouTube and blog posts. My mom had The 100 going on in the background. She finished season one of Colony last night and was looking for another post-apocalyptic show on Netflix to fill the void. It started out kind of cheesy, with voice over narration, but it seems like it might be decent–although probably full of ~drama~


In the midst of my relaxation, I got an email that my grades had been posted. I just finished my master’s program and I’ve been waiting for the results. They don’t tell us our grades for assignments throughout the year, so I’ve got 9 months of pent-up anxiety riding on this update. I logged on to my account only to discover the email was a GLITCH. I have no grades yet and everything is a lie.


I got my run in for half-marathon training juuust before it got too dark. Endurance 3 miles today, so I paced myself for minimal walking. I ended up making it the whole 3 miles without stopping!

success run

Usually I stop to walk a little bit every mile or at my half-way point. I’ve got bad knees and if I try to do too much too fast I hurt myself. But I’ve been carefully building up my mileage and I felt ready to do the full 3.

I did get caught in a monsoon though. Literally.


It’s getting to be monsoon season here in India. Although to be fair, in Bangalore ‘monsoon’ is usually just a normal rainstorm. But still. Not fun.

In the evening, my family and I met a friend for dinner. I got to break out my pineapple necklace.

FullSizeRender 29
In all its glory

We went to a Japanese restaurant in HSR Layout called Broadway. Naturally we started the meal with nachos and guac.



More to theme, we shared some chicken toriniku.

FullSizeRender 34

For main, I had chicken yaki udon and it was delicious. I’m a real wimp about spice, but this dish was flavorful without making me break into a sweat.

FullSizeRender 33

Next time I want to try the bamboo biryani. It’s served in actual bamboo.

FullSizeRender 31

Bangalore is not always the easiest place to live, but it sure does have great food.



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